About Non-Profit by Nature


Duncan Whittick

Has a BA in Communications & Culture and a diploma in Environmental Science. He is dedicated to finding ways for organizations to effectively achieve their mission through capacity building, collaboration and effective systemic change. To this end, he has coordinated over 50 workshops, events and webinars. His primary contract is as the Executive Director for the Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network. He is also Co-coordinator for the Kootenay-Boundary Environmental Education Initiative and the Communications Coordinator for the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communications.


Michelle Rievaj

Has a BA in English, and a passion for connecting people with the resources they need to pursue their passions and strengthen communities. She has developed and delivered numerous workshops, including grant writing workshops. She has also led training sessions for Alberta Sustainable Resource Development and worked with a number of not for profit organizations and individuals in the Columbia Valley to develop funding strategies and secure grant funding in areas of community and economic development, environmental stewardship and sustainability, sport and recreation, and arts and culture.

Duncan Whittick and Michelle Ravi


Together, we are working to achieve our shared vision of enhancing community through capacity building, communications, collaboration and community engagement.

Non-profit by Nature

about Non-Profit by Nature

  • 15+ years of grant-writing, strategic communication and non-profit experience
  • Delivered 50+ professional learning workshops events and webinars
  • Worked with 50+ government and non-profit organizations to help them secure over 200 grants
  • Provide customized capacity building support for non-profit organizations to achieve their program and project needs through effective communication, collaboration and strategic planning
  • Core values include sustainable community development, inclusivity, and environmental responsibility
  • Current clients include local non-profit, government and national charitable organizations
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